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 weird story about today

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PostSubject: weird story about today   Mon Nov 17, 2008 5:05 am

today i was hanging out with some friends outside of this building on a grassy field thing downtown, and this guy i didn't know was there. he was 18 and not bad looking, but again, 18 and not a hot 18 haha. he had this flower (idk why) and when i stood up cause i thought iw as going to go get pizza or something, idk, the guy asked my friend nathan (who i had been sitting next to) my name. so then he said my name, and i looked over. and the weird guy is like here i'm giving you this flower. so i was like, o um ok. except he tried to toss it to me, and it was windy, so it just hit him in the face. then he tried again and it got to me, but i didnt' wknow what the fuck i was supposed to do with it, and i didnt reall yth hink about it that he was giving me a flower in the romantic way, so i was like, 'hey chloe i think you really need a flower on your hat' so i put it on her hat. yeah im smooth. but smoother than mr oldster there! i didn't quite realise how funny it was until after the guy left and nathan was telling me about how he'd never forget it. and then it hit me how awkward it was. and chloe was like, see there are guys, you just reject them! i was like, hey creepers don't count!

Crying or Very sad i made the whole thing sound really unfunny, but i swear it was so weird especially since no guys ever do that sort of thing to me, and i handled it fantastically as you can tell. i guess you had to be there and none of you were yo ushould come here it would be a party Razz
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PostSubject: Re: weird story about today   Mon Nov 17, 2008 5:27 pm

Aww, poor guy. Makes me giggle.
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weird story about today
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